Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

It was not the day that we had planned! I wanted a few more pictures of little guy today but honestly the temps were zero with the wind blowing and I had time for about three shots before I had to sweep him away inside. There awaited his sister who was sitting on the couch five days into her sickness with 103.8 temp. It got better, Little Kai ran and tripped while heading for the kitchen and landed head first into the corner of the wall gashing his forehead open to revel his skull. It was off the the Emergency room where they glued him back together after a three hour wait. Haley up till four in the morning coughing as I sat beside her and off to the Doctors with her this morning. We hope to rule out pneumonia by tomorrow. At least Ern was almost recovered from his flu today to help manage the fort! A true Valentines celebration will have to be delayed!!!!!!

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The Hickmans said...

So sorry to hear of your weeks events.