Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Happy Mothers Day!

A Belated Post! Happy Mothers day to all the Moms and all of the special women who have been a part of my life. Being a Mom is a big and amazing job that I do not think can be completely grasped, appreciated, or understood unless you truly become one! I appreciate my mom more each day as my kids grow through such fun and important stages in their lives. It is a job that never ends but it is so worth it in so many ways!!
Little Kai Kai is growing so big. He works hard to do many things on his own but he loves his family, he is so sweet and sensitive and loves to snuggle. He still falls about every third step he takes but grows more confident by the day! He can swing on a normal swing and scoot pretty fast on a trike and is pretty proud about that! Airplanes are his favorite thing. He will lay on the floor and hold up a toy plane and fly it softly back and forth for a half hour or more at times. He has learned to fight with his sister and knows how to tease her to the point of tears. He does not like meat but will eat any veggie that you put in front of him.
Haley is growing so big and smart and strong. She loves to work and help, she loves to draw and make three dimensional creations from paper. Her imagination is endless. She asks many abstract questions about life and the universe literally and I usually don't have the answers so we look them up in the encyclopedia when we get the chance. She loves her dad more than anything in the world and then there are several close seconds! She learned how to ride a bike without training wheels in less than a few hours and did not like much assistance during her very determined attempts. She spent the last two days out at Grandma and grandpa Finches house killing cut worms in the garden and running the wood splitter while the rest of us stacked. Watch out world.....
I look at my kids some times and I can't believe they are mine. Don't get me wrong, there are moments when they are both crying and needing and wanting beyond what I can give and when I try to please one and the other cries harder.... In those moments I would be tempted to give one away... but those moments are fleeting. They are an amazing gift and I am a very proud and lucky mom!

Monday, April 25, 2011

Happy Easter!


Friday, April 1, 2011

Sending Away Birthday Kisses and Love Wishes

The turns in life are not always the ones I choose. I am lucky all the same, and so grateful to have all that I have................

Thursday, March 3, 2011

My Little Sweet Pea...

And oh how big she is getting! She grows more amazing every day. She is an animal on snowshoes from the very first time she put them on! She knows most all of her letters and is able to write numbers up to ten. She has started to read a few words and loves her books. She is a good big sister but naturally grows tired of Kai and craves attention and time away from him. She is so into her 'crafts' lately. She has started to add dimension and story lines to her drawings and it is always so fun to hear what she has created and way. She is still so very sweet and innocent and only asks for simple and honest things. I just love her so!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Happy Valentines Day!

It was not the day that we had planned! I wanted a few more pictures of little guy today but honestly the temps were zero with the wind blowing and I had time for about three shots before I had to sweep him away inside. There awaited his sister who was sitting on the couch five days into her sickness with 103.8 temp. It got better, Little Kai ran and tripped while heading for the kitchen and landed head first into the corner of the wall gashing his forehead open to revel his skull. It was off the the Emergency room where they glued him back together after a three hour wait. Haley up till four in the morning coughing as I sat beside her and off to the Doctors with her this morning. We hope to rule out pneumonia by tomorrow. At least Ern was almost recovered from his flu today to help manage the fort! A true Valentines celebration will have to be delayed!!!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Christmas Day

And the day was perfect.....

Saturday, December 18, 2010

It has been a busy holiday around here! Haley grows more independent and capable by the day! Ern and I have taken turns making holiday cookies with her, we watch, she works... She is loving crafts and wants no assistance as she glues her feathers, beads, papers, and buttons on her cards. She has bought or made her gifts and wrapped them her self. I love her!!
Kai is getting to be so much fun, now that he is feeling better we are getting many more smiles and giggles from him. He loves books and music. He loves airplanes cars and trucks. He has started to color. He has turned into a good little eater and will eat most everything except meat!! He is hard to catch with the camera so I was glad to get a few pictures of him alone tonight.
It has been very cold here but also very beautiful! It is nice to have Ern home after such a long time away this fall. There is no spare time in the house. My photography business has been doing great and takes up all of my spare time through to most midnights. Ern is working hard to get another flight certification for his state flying jobs. And the kids..... as anyone with them knows...busy!
The tree is up, cookies made, and gifts are waiting under the tree. It is a sweet and simple year where we have talked with Haley about the pleasure of giving. She won in a wish bone breaking contest with grandpa last night and he asked her what she wished for, she said " I wished to see a rainbow soon". It is little things like that that make me want to buy her the moon. But really it is Love and attention that she wants, its free! We are so Lucky to have people in our life that want to give that to her - and to all of us!!

Friday, December 3, 2010

I have been working on more cute outfits inspired from Pink Fig. I will be making this same pattern with a small selection of patterns and colors to buy and include in my Portrait sessions. If you know anyone who may be interested please pass it along. More information can be found at this link: http://joselynnfinchphotography.blogspot.com/
Haley was too cute jumping around with her little friend. I wish I could keep her little forever!!!

Happy Birthday Little Sweet Pea!

Poor little sweet pea waited three weeks past her birthday to celebrate when her dad came back to town. On the day of the party she and her dad were very sick. We could not put it off any longer and made the best of the day. She is all about making and decorating her own cake and others cakes for birthdays and is always so proud of her creations. She even made birthday hats for everyone! It was the year of every thing Girly and Princess. Ern and I were more practical with her gifts, he bought her books and I bought her a sonicare toothbrush. Kai knows his sister well and went all out to buy her a princess crown and skirt which was her most favorite gift along with the six pair of princess play shoes from Grandma Finch. The evening heated up with spiked fevers for Ern and Haley and it was a short lived celebration were the whole family was in bed by seven thirty in the evening! Life is much better these days! I sure love that little sweet thing!