Friday, December 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Little Sweet Pea!

Poor little sweet pea waited three weeks past her birthday to celebrate when her dad came back to town. On the day of the party she and her dad were very sick. We could not put it off any longer and made the best of the day. She is all about making and decorating her own cake and others cakes for birthdays and is always so proud of her creations. She even made birthday hats for everyone! It was the year of every thing Girly and Princess. Ern and I were more practical with her gifts, he bought her books and I bought her a sonicare toothbrush. Kai knows his sister well and went all out to buy her a princess crown and skirt which was her most favorite gift along with the six pair of princess play shoes from Grandma Finch. The evening heated up with spiked fevers for Ern and Haley and it was a short lived celebration were the whole family was in bed by seven thirty in the evening! Life is much better these days! I sure love that little sweet thing!

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Vernell said...

Oh! Little Sweet Pea is such a beauty! The Sonicare toothbrush is the perfect gift for her. This must have been one of the most memorable birthdays for her. She seems like a sweet girl. :-)

Vernell Leider